Chainring FaceV. C. Schaible is a surreal artist and self-confessed weirdo boiled up to Oakland from the heat of Southern California with an artist’s desire to live a life true to her calling. After earning an illustration degree in 2009 she has been steadily compiling an eclectic portfolio that represents an ardent exploration within multiple art forms; including pieces of sculpture, illustration and works of mixed medium that range between whimsy and noire.

V. C.’s artistic voice is intelligent, fearlessly curious and speaks highly of the wabi sabi process. Her disposition to seek and internalize knowledge and experience is with a hope for understanding rather than perfection which brings about pieces that show instead of tell. Her work, while confident and astute, points to a courage and vulnerability that invites the audience to share an understanding with the artist – to have an experience of their own.
V. C. can usually be found in her studio in Oakland compiling materials tangible and recondite which she acquired dodging potholes while hardcore cycling in and around the Bay Area.

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